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Want to meet at the clinic?
I offer zero dollar consultations to see if and how I can help you with your health goals. I call it "zero dollar" because it only costs you 15min of your time.

Steven Malins is an acupuncturist (licensed doctor of oriental medicine) that has been practicing in New Mexico for over five years. He is an expert in helping patients with both chronic and acute pain. But, Steve will be the first to tell you that acupuncture is good for more than just pain! His mantra for medicine is Relax. Feel Good. Be phenomenal!

He has experience in both distal acupuncture and local, or trigger point, acupuncture as well as other aspects of Chinese medicine including herbs, tui na (Chinese physical therapy), and moxabustion. When he is not in clinic, Steve spends time with his wife, two children, and two dogs. They enjoy walks along the bosque and the occasional jaunt up to the Jemez mountains in the spring and fall. He is also a big table top role playing game fan and will talk your ear off about Dungeons and Dragons if you catch him outside clinic hours.

Steve is currently the treasurer of the New Mexico Society for Acupuncture and Asian Medicine (NMSAAM). He has previously served as the vice president and president of NMSAAM. He was involved in the forming of the American Society of Acupuncturists, helping to draft by laws and determine the direction of the organization by serving on its nominating committee for a term of 3 years.

Luna Circle Wellness

The Topaz Messenger clinic is located in the same building as Luna Circle Wellness, and Steve works in the community acupuncture room there as well. Dr Lindsay Meade, DOM is the clinical director of Luna Circle Wellness and has her own practice, Acuquerque, in the building as well. In community acupuncture, points on the hands, legs, head, and ears are used and patients remain completely clothed. Along with more in depth evaluations by your acupuncturist, it is a good course of therapy that is very cost effective. To schedule for the community acupuncture clinic, click the button below. To learn more about community acupuncture, check out the Peoples Organization for Community Acupuncture.

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