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The way that can be told is not the everlasting way

A physician that provides primary care to patients, incorporating: acupuncture, other traditional medicine modalities like herbs and moxa, and expert understanding of modern biomedicine.

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Relax. Feel Good. Be Phenomenal!

In a holistic medical system, eliminating symptoms, including pain, is just the first step in treatment! I call this step Relax other physicians call it the relief phase of treatment. The focus is on controlling and then eliminating symptoms, including pain. In this phase treatments are more frequent in order to quickly address symptoms and provide relief.

The next phase I call Feel Good, but is often called the corrective phase. The focus is on maintaining the progress that was made in the relax phase. Acupuncture and other techniques, including herbs, are used to correct the imbalances that caused the pathology to begin with. In this way you can Feel Good that results will be sustainable and that you will not have the same thing happen to you that caused you to become ill again.

The last phase of treatment I call Be Phenomenal! It is often called the wellness phase. It is the most important phase! The focus is on maintaining health and helping you to Be Phenomenal Patients have the option of discontinuing treatment at this phase, but I recommend they continue treatments at least once a month in order to nourish their health and address small complaints before they grow in to large problems. Health is not merely the absence of pain or symptoms. But it is nourishing your destiny so that you can accomplish the phenomenal goals that you have for your life.